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H: Witchfate Tor / Dreadstone Blight W: $ (pics)


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Hey Ordo -


I have a partially painted Witchfate Tor up for sale, looking for cash or Paypal 


The first two levels have been very-well painted by Portland studio.  The third floor and top floor are still primed black.

The third floor looks like it has been converted a bit and I don't believe it will form a complete floor.  There's also unpainted floor sections and ruined wall sections so that you could easily make a two-floor Dreadstone Blight and have plenty of left overs.  Using the top crenelated sections and empire-ensignia floor, you could make a cool walled garden type piece of terrain too.


It looks like the "skull bulwark" pieces are missing that go along the lower section, that's how I received it.


PM me with offers, located near Redmond - Issaquah, WA.   Can also deliver to Portland





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Your post confuses me. I can't figure out if the idea is to sell the model as close to new price as possible, or if idea is more to find the model a new home, as it were.

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