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For Sale: Skaven army, unpainted, mostly NIB


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I started to build a Skaven army with a theme of Clan Pestilens invading Lustria, but no longer have the time to devote to finishing it. I might have a bit more than this, but this is what I remember.


Stuff that's NIB / on sprue


2 x 20 Stormvermin

1 x 20 Plague Monks

Hellpit Abomination

2 x Screaming Bell / Plague Furnace

2 x Island of Blood Skaven sets

Lord Skrolk and some Plague Censer bearers (old metal blister packs - will need to count them)


Stuff that's assembled

2 x 20 Plague Monks with minor conversions (Lizardmen weapon swaps etc.)

1 x Island of Blood Skaven set

1 x Plagueclaw Catapult


There's also one box of skinks and one box of Saurus, to aid with conversions.


Overall, there is about $750 worth of stuff, and none of it is painted. There are three plague monks primed (they were to be test models). Make me an offer. Stuff is in Seattle, but can be shipped or dropped anywhere in the PNW easily enough.

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40 clannies with two full units of command per IoB.  20 of them are armed with HW+shield (well, 18 plus a standard and a musician), 20 with spear+shield.  The shields are molded as part of the body so you cannot get rid of them but the weapon arms are separate pieces so they would not be hard to pull weapons off of.


The skaven army I just sold off used skinks as slaves which I noticed when he said he was including skinks and lizardmen for weapon conversions.  

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