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Rose City Wrath Round-up

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I've been instructed to start strong-arming people, sooooo...




HEY!  You need warhammer?!   Like playing games?  Crushing your enemies?  Kicking back with hobby enthusiasts and mega-nerds?  Then you need to get off your butts and sign up for/pay your dues for Rose City Wrath (Saturday May 16th and Sunday May 17th).  


Tournaments make for good smashing and give the chance to show off your latest shiny models.   Why wouldn't you want to go?   Are you scared of being slaughtered by my Beastmen like the tiny man-things that you are?  Show up and put up the fight!  


Be with the fighting, the laughing, the gaming, and the merriment.  It will be good for you.   Especially those of you in the outlying areas of the greater Northwest (YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE).



And no, this doesn't belong in the Tournament forum, so don't bother moving it (you're welcome, mods and senators). 




If anyone wants to discuss scenarios or tactics, lists, etc, this is the place.

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im just waiting to deposit my loan check... 'sigh' debt you're a b****.  *plays tiny violin*


but yea ill be signing up soon.  im pretty positive ill be bringing dwarfs to this.  ive been playing raindog with 2 of the scenerios and liked them.  want to test the other ones!  you know the list.......

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