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Car Crashed through the Red Castle Games front window


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Bad week for gaming stores. Hero Support right outside Portland, OR (Washougal, WA) suffered a fire from a careless cigarette and is having difficulties rebuilding as well: 

via Hero Support on Facebook: 


If you guys could share this link or possibly donate it would be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you so much ♡ 

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Wow...glad no one was hurt.


Reminds me why I stopped going to redcastle games. My bicycle got tires slashed and I got to ride home to beaverton on a flat. 4 and half hours on a flat is enough to make anyone reconsider their social hangout. Love the store, but that location really sucks for this sort of thing.


Costco, as I understand it, had a similar issue in one of their locations, which is why they now put the shopping carts in three rows in front of their garage doors in the off hours. In costco's case, they were actually smashing the front open with one vehicle, looting, and then loading up into a second vehicle and driving off.

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