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By Connor Wist Apr. 1, 2015

WHITE CITY, Ore. -- Marion County is closing the gates on a company accused of being a part of a Southern Oregon based scam and money laundering scheme. The Department of Justice said the scam brought in as much as 40 million dollars.

Oregon's Attorney General is suing a White City based business, spanning 19 companies and 9 people. According to the lawsuit, the companies and individuals involved sent millions of fliers through the mail to purposefully mislead consumers.

Directors said this all began several years ago when the Attorney General's Office started hearing from consumers about solicitations in the mail that looked like official invoices. Some of the mail came from magazines such as TIME, Cosmopolitan, and Better Homes and Gardens.

These subscription notices claimed to offer the lowest prices on magazines, when they were actually extremely high prices. Other mailers indicated a subscription was about to expire, even though it was still valid for a few more months or years.

The Attorney General's Office said this scam has been going on since at least January of 2010. Officials said many of the victims are in Oregon, but there are also victims spread out across the country.

The Attorney General's Office said if you believe you have been scammed, you are asked to contact them immediately to make a complaint. For a link to their website, click here.

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