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Questions about OFCC


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Finally got the info on my wife`s new work schedule and I can actually do the Sat/Sun event,w00t!


Not really sure were to post about this as the OFCC room seems to be for rules and team info for those teams already established,so sorry if im in the wrong area.


I was considering the Fantasy side of things as I really like 8th edition but I still don't feel as well versed in it as I am in the 40k rule set and those teams seem to be all established and filled up anyway.


My main question is if its too late to get on a team for 40k?,I would prefer the team event as it seems much more casual and my game skills are rather "meh".Though I am considering the Open just to get some games but im still very green at tournament play and would likely be nothing more that a (small) speed bump to most regulars,hehe.


Actually,is there even slots left for the 40k Open event?

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Honestly, with life the way it is, there are usually lots of last minute drop outs for various reasons.  If you put yourself out there as a mercenary, you could easily get picked up.

That sounds good.


Ill just put together a team list then wait and see.Gonna pass on the Open as that just seems like its really geared for long time veteran players and I would likely just frustrate my opponent as well as myself trying to keep up.



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