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wts: tyranids


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So I have about 3k in tyranids about 54 of each gaunt ( alot of the shooty gaunts have devourers ) 1 flying tyrant with the devourers about 20 gargoyles 6 ripper swarms 5 malenthroapes 1 tervigon 1 trygon prime 1 carnifex magnetized arms 1 hive crone 3 pods 2 built 1 nib I believe that's everything I have. I also have a fully painted hierophant. All models are in various stages of paint. I will provide pics to serious buyers I'm asking 450 and for an extra hundred there will be the battle foam for the army just the foam no bag to go with it. Also I have the codex psychic cards and the forge world book for rules for malenthroape the bio titan and the other lords of war and the dimarcheon. I don't sell these willingly I do it because I am desperate for some money. So please serious buyers only please

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