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Warhamster T-Shirt & Hoodies: Final Order Thread

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Attention Warhamsters! We are officially gearing up to get our t-shirt and hoodie orders for this year rolling. Here are the details:




We are doing an order of t-shirts using our new Nathan-designed logo on the front of the shirt with the Bellingham Warhamsters text above the logo and the quote: "I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep; I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a hamster."

The cost for these shirts will be $10 with a $2 upcharge for XXL sizes and an additional $1 upcharge for each X you add after that ($4 for 4XL, etc). Here is a link to the color chart.




We are doing an order of zip-up hoodies with a small version of the new logo over the left breast and a large version of the classic logo on the back.

The cost for these hoodies will be $32 with the same upcharge for larger sizes as the shirts have. Here is a link to the color chart.


Here is a list of the people who have posted their interest in the poll thread. To confirm your order or add a new order, post in this thread what color you would like. Once we get everyone confirmed or cancelled, we'll place the order (likely with a deadline of the end of this month). Also, we can theoretically order anything at all off of the Blue Cotton website with any of our logos on it. If you have a special order, you won't get the same discounts as for bulk orders, but your shipping will be included with the rest of our stuff


T-Shirt Orders

Eli - purple - XL

Duncan - deep navy, maroon - L, dark purple - S

DisruptiveConduct - deep navy - XXL

Sherbert - black - M

Nathan - deep red - XL, L x 2, black - L x 2 (paid)

Derek - purple, charcoal heather - M

Russ - deep forest - 4XL (paid)


Joey - teal - L

Lance - shamrock green - S!


Kevin - lime - S, purple - M

Jim - charcoal heather - L, M (paid)

Christian - vintage heather navy - L,  kelly green - M

Shea - purple - XL, Navy - M, Black - L

Brad - fatigue green - XL (paid)

Nick - shamrock green - L

Jay - black - 2XL (paid)

Corey - dark purple - M - WILKE (paid)

BradNardone - black - L (paid)

Miles - shamrock green - XXXL x 2


Hoodie Orders

Kacy - black - S (paid)

Eli - black - XL

Duncan - maroon - L

Brad - vintage heather - XL (paid)

Nathan - vintage heather - XL (paid)

Josh - black heather - 4XL



Kevin - forest green - M

Andy - black heather - L, XL

andozane - chocolate - 3XL (paid)

Christian - vintage heather navy - L

Jim - black heather - L (paid)

Korridahl - black heather - XXL (paid)

Shaun - chocolate - M


For those looking to give us money, you can either hand it to me, Shea, or Joey in person or send it to bellinghamwarhamsters@gmail.com on Paypal. Either way works! Once people give us money, we'll mark them off as paid.

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Woah, yeah, the reversal of values to print white on black radically changed things. I should have checked that. 


Let me get you a new file tomorrow with cute eyes.


I'll do a double-whisker version, too. 



Hell, or maybe a no-whisker version. I remember you were concerned that double-whiskers were too busy.

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