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OFCC List idea


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All right, so here's the list idea I'm kicking around for the OFCC Team Event, does this seem too much? I'm probably going to be the toughest list on my team



+++ Necron Decurion (1998pts) +++
+ Core (1600pts) +
Reclamation Legion (1600pts) [Monolith (200pts)]
····Immortals (300pts) [Night Scythe (130pts)]
········10x Immortal (170pts) [10x Gauss Blaster]
····Immortals (300pts) [Night Scythe (130pts)]
········10x Immortal (170pts) [10x Gauss Blaster]
····Overlord (125pts) [The Veil of Darkness (25pts), Warscythe (20pts)]
····Tomb Blades (180pts)
········9x Tomb Blade Nebuloscope (2pts), Twin-linked Gauss Blaster]
····Warriors (235pts) [Ghost Ark (105pts), 10x Necron Warrior (130pts)]
····Warriors (260pts) [20x Necron Warrior (260pts)]
+ Auxiliary (398pts) +
Canoptek Harvest (398pts)
····Canoptek Scarabs (80pts) [4x Canoptek Scarab (80pts)]
····Canoptek Spyders (60pts)
········Canoptek Spyder (60pts) [Twin-Linked Particle Beamer (10pts)]
····Canoptek Wraiths x 6 (258pts) [Whip Coils (3pts)]
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What's with the tomb blades and wraiths? Are they singles or just a weird army builder thing? Also, seems pretty tame.

Agreed. What's the "trick" that makes you think you are dabbling in the 3 range of list rating. Because other than a Veil of Darkness, I am not seeing it.
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They don't have the option to be singles, so I'm guessing AB is just breaking them all out individually because they all have upgrades.

That's what I figured. To me it looks like one of the lists where I have a hard time figuring out where the points are. It'll be tough to kill the big blobs, but other than that... 2? I guess.
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200 heavy bolter servitors, no inquisitors.

This made me say pants... Which then made me think the models don't wear shirts... I then mentally went to no shoes no shirt no service, and snickered cuz with no Inquisitors they will mind lock like 50% of the time or something and "not have service"... Tehehehe

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