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Putting 8th ed. -> 9th ed. transition in perspective

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Interesting article. I honestly have put all 9th Ed and End Times to bed and have been focusing on other projects for now.


I honestly do not know what will happen becuase what the rumors say seems too drastic but then they did destroy everything in the story line so now it is a blank slate that needs to be filled.


This is GW's time to show their merit as a Gaming Company and find a way to make this change work since no other gaming company has ever tried to kill off their story line to reboot it and expect to increase sales. I see it as more than an edition change if the rumors are right, a lot of the rules might stay the same but the Amries and characters will all be different and alien to us. The only armies I see not changing as a whole are the WoC and DoC. Everyone else has been altered immensely.


If they do succeed they really are a good company. If they don't then they will spiral downward until FFG just buys them out instead of buying their IP's.

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I liked it as well. To play this game that we do requires a lot of investment, both financial and otherwise...so when GW overtly trashes the world that they have created over 30+ years, it seems reasonable for people to have apprehensions. The author's point is a good one that, was much as we might not like waiting, it probably makes sense to wait and see before freaking out, particularly in light of the fact that GW has done a reasonably good job of changing the game over the years, with 7-8th being a noteworthy change that was generally met with satisfaction.


For myself, the Old World was a very compelling place packed with cool imagery that was always a major element that drew me into the hobby. Thus, I can't help but feel a bit sad that they just "nuked it" to do something different. I think that in and of itself is a testament to how successful GW was in shaping the world and presenting it to as an evocative milieu to play games in.


So...perhaps what they are up to is a glimpse of the dark future (the Old World is/was pretty dark already) with the idea that the game still occurs in other times...rather like superhero comics that are future stories that trumpet the headline "EVERYBODY DIES!"


Anyway, we just have to wait and see....hopefully we won't have to wait too long and people lose interest/get tired of waiting and move away from the game.

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