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any interest in Chaos Marine army?

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I tried to collect a fairly "on the cheap" chaos marine army a while back. I had been inspired by the Crimson Slaughter codex and was building a force around that, heavy on the deamon engines and hell brutes.


I still like the thought of the army, but it is one of the armies that doesn't play nice with the rest of the 40K forces I have. So if interest is there for it, it can go on the chopping block.


So in addition to the box set models (which are fairly outstanding in my opinion), I have some extra hellbrutes, two deamon engines (one built with the tentacles), a helldrake, extra chaos marines, a LR, terminators I think...and maybe some possessed. Same as before, if you are truly interested in getting a chaos marine army, reply or send a PM and I'll put together an exact list.

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