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Once...well twice more into the breach - Cryx and Menoth

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I've got a decent sized Cryx army that I'd like to sell, as well as a much smaller Menoth force. I'll post up specifics soon. I realized that of all the games I do play, Warmachine is one that I can take it or leave it. So if I have to sell stuff, might as well start with games I rarely play or have little interest in. I do love the models...but the game is just okay.


Again, let me know if you are interested in either of these and I will go through the trouble of getting a detailed list and pics.



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Here's my WM inventory:


PB rule book

template set



HB  faction book

lich lord asph

warwitch denny


deathripper x2

defiler x4

canker worm


leviathan + 1 NIB plastic leviathan kit (makes three)





bane knights x6

bile thralls x6

mechanithralls x10

brute thrall

necro tech + scrap thrall

pistol wraith x3

skarlock thrall

warwitch siren x2

banelord tartarus



mark II cards

Most models are metal, some are plastic.




PB faction book


high reclaimer






exemplar cenerators x5




cards for above only

No pic for the menoth as it is all NIB or in bags.

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