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The person who proofread Hitler's speeches was a Grammar Nazi.

From my oldest: my parents play d&d with some of their friends and i’m listening to the women in the group rate my dad’s last dungeon crawl like it’s up there on fantasy yelp… “0/4 stars. we

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Finishing the movie this morning:

"Joss Whedon did it better in Age of Ultron"

Supes in Speed Force time is super legit. 

Supes and Mary Jane is a weird couple, tiger.


The CGI in DCEU continues to disappoint.  It is unfortunate, as their animated films show the quality of storytelling they have at their disposal. 

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4 hours ago, Raindog said:


I keep tie downs, 2x 24"2x4, 2 12" 2x6, and a shovel in my vehicles because this [big bad swear word] happens.


Most recently, I was pulled into the frozen path of a tiny car whom had previously failed while driving somewhere they shouldn't have been. I ended up high ended in a ditch, and having to sleep in my cab.  

Still a better experience than Rise of Skywalker. 

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Movie Trope of the day:

Person who's been shot has to have needs impromptu first aid. The pain of pouring alcohol on the wound always provokes a stronger reaction than the pain of the gunshot itself.

Gunshots are inconvenient, spirits are unbearable!

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