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Anyone interested in Dark Angels or Space Wolves?

von hammer

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I've got a ton of Deathwing and Space Wolves stuff I'm going to try and unload to build a 30k army. Here is what I have:


30 DW termies

Termie Libby

Land raider crusader


Land raider crusader

15-20 termies

Custom Arjac

15 Blood Claws

Lukas the trickster

5 grey hunters

New Bjorn dread (partially painted)

Rune priest on bike

Fully painted Logan with sled



Let me know if you want pics, I can email or txt just PM what you want to see. Almost everything is up to tabletop standards or higher. I will part out but I am looking for at least 50% of retail for the tabletop stuff as I have people that will vouche for the quality.


Thanks for looking.

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