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H: Warmachine (Khador, Cryx, Mercs) W: Cash or Board Games


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Looking to part ways with a lot of partially assembled and painted Warmachine.  Check it out, feel free to make an offer on specific minis or on a lot.



1 Butcher

2 Scorsha

1 Old Witch

1 Vlad

1 Irusk

8 Widowmakers

11 Doom Reavers

8 Iron Fang Pikemen

4 mechaniks

2 Winterguard Cannons

3 Grey Lords

1 Manhunter



3 Iron fang Cavalry

khador cavalry

1 Iron Lich
1 Stalker Bonejack
2 Defilers
2 Deathrippers
1 Skarlock
2 Necrotechs
18 Scrap Thralls
1 Pistol Wraith
8 Bane Thralls


2 Eiryss
1 Gorman di Wulfe
1 Rhupert Carvolo, Piper of Ord




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