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OFCC Eldar Army Thoughts - Aspect Heavy


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Below is the current list I am contemplating for the OFCC.  I would love your feedback on power level and thoughts.  I'm looking to provide a fun list that is not too powerful, but also is not too weak.


Note only at 1761 pts at moment, so have another 239 to play with. 



  Farseer w Runes of Witnessing and Warding    125

  Autaurch w MofLG, Fusion Gun, SHWs, PW     150


  Dire Avengers (9 inc Exarch w. PW SS)             147

        Wave Serpent w/ Scatter Laser                     120

  Wind Rider Jetbikes (3) 1 w/ Cannon                  61

  Rangers (5)                                                          51

  Storm Guardians (10 w fusiongun and flamer)    105

         Wave Serpent w/ Star Cannon                     120


  Scorpions (6 inc Exarch w Claw)                         125

  Fire Dragons (6 inc Exarch w FP and Fastshot)  167


  Swooping Hawks (7 inc Exarch w Hawk Talon)   148

  Warp Spider (8 inc Exarch w Dual Spinners)       167


  Wraith Knight (standard payload)                         240

  Falcon w/ Scatter Laser                                        135


With the remaining points I could add any of the following based off models I have:

  Guardians, Harliequins, DAs, FDs, Banshees, Dark Reapers, more jetbikes or a vyper, another wave seperent or fire prism, warlocks.


Thoughts?  Suggestions on what to add to the list?


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An army that includes one unit of every aspect would be AWESOME. I would take the Banshees and Dark Reapers for sure! And if you have any Shining Spears that would totally round out the list. I would even cut the Storm Guardians or Jetbikes to make sure you get all of the aspects in. I've secretly always wanted to run an army that included every aspect warrior, but I can live vicariously through you instead!

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