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Lot's O 40k


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I have a considerable amount of space marines, Cadians, and Elder I'm looking to get rid of. I would like to see how much local interest before feeding it to the eBay monster.




Several painted tac squads

Painted captains

Painted jump squads

Painted landraider

3 painted vindicator

2 painted predators

2 painted razor backs

1 painted whirlwind

2 painted land speeders

3 painted dreadnought

2 painted OOP rhino's

1 unpainted partially assembled rhino/razor back

Lots of terminators painted and unpainted

Painted bike squads




Unpainted hell hound

Painted sentinel

Unpainted inquisitor and escort

partialy assembled and partialy painted valkyrie

Partialy assembled stormlord/storm sword

Unpainted in box Kasrkin squad




Many guardians

18 metal OOP Harlequins Rogue trader era

Dire avengers in box

3 Unpainted metal warp spiders

1 Warp spider exarch partialy painted

1 magaun ra

2 OOP metal dark reaper exarchs with skull flail

6 OOP metal painted dark reapers

1 metal dark reaper exarch

2 painted wraith lords one needs to be reassembled

2 metal dire avengers one is an exarc

4 metal swooping hawks missing some wings and the exarc

18 harlequins all metal OOP

5 metal rangers

1 avatar

1 OOP metal warwalker

2 partial metal wraith lords

1 Fire dragon exarch new in package


also found a couple of chaos marines and a chaos terminator or two... all metal and unpainted


might be willing to trade for current rule book...... pondering playing for some reason.....


updated again

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