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Quick T-Shirt Poll


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  1. 1. Pick a style

    • Original Plan
    • Smaller Text
    • Spiky Text
    • Something Else (explain!)

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Do you guys want the original planned size for the text, smaller text, spiky text, or something else? If you want something else, post it in this thread and I'll try it out, or even better pull the image into some sort of image program and make me an example of what you're talking about.


Original Plan



Smaller Text



Spiky Text


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One option would be to just do a large circular logo like we're doing a small version of on the hoodies on the front and either omit the quote or put the quote on the back (at additional cost). Personally I don't like the quote so I'd vote for dropping it.



I'd get a medium in purple sans quote...

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Put a ring around the hamster. Put the quote in the ring, in either the spiky text or Tolkein elvish script or something. I think the circle text could work, but that bubble-font you chose ip screams amateur-hour. Or high school gym shirts, with the iron-on letters. We can do cooler than that.

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I have an idea what you're suggesting and can give it a go, but I do think the quote is too long. I'd really love it if instead of people saying "pick a different font," you could go into bluecotton or even just go into Microsoft word and find a font you want us to use. Personally, I like the high school gym shirt feel (or 2nd grade soccer team feel as I see it) to the bubble letters as it makes me feel like we are a team and this is our team shirt, but that's just me. If you have other suggestions, show me. I will try out the circle in a circle idea Jim mentioned, but I'm not super hopeful.

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Last poorly sized image of my image-spam. This one is a little but of MS paint showing the layout of the logo I think would look best with this type of design. It would be even cooler if Nathan could make some spiky metal-looking logo to go with it. But I think "warhamster" hugging the circle on the bottom while straight on top with "bellingham" straight across would look cool.



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