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Sunday? Why Yes!


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Here's the highlights as far as I saw.


In my game against dontpanic's dwarfs, I got the win with some intense combats and classic poor shooting rolls by Nate.  He may have been pessimistic from early on, but for a few turns I was on the ropes trying to figure out my next move.  In the end my gors and rambull managed to grind down his big longbeard block, and I kept his slayers from killing anything worth more than 50 points.  At the end of the game he had his slayers, cannon, organ gun.  I had my doombull, ungor, one unit of raiders, a razorgor, my ungor, all four shamans, and my BsB.


The other game I saw was Raindog's slayes against Exile's High Elves.  They both put up a good fight, and it was pretty tight to the end.  Pete pulled out ahead in the last few turns, eliminating all of the slayers, Ungrim included, and holding key points in his own units.

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yea stopping those miasmas was just impossible... two keys was that crazy long oops frenzy charge and nate roll on slowness(btw it says you're suppose to roll it... think ill do that from now on lol) and those ungor coming back just in time to prevent a flank charge from the slayers.  that was super key there.  i dont think the bad rolling on shooting would have changed things that much tbh.  dont think i would have really done anything differently except deployment.  stupid statues perfectly situated to mess up my deployment.  should have been less lazy and just taken your side :P  good fun game though. 

someday ill beat them...

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