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Game night wow tuesday 4/21

Guest Mr. Bigglesworth

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I am looking for a game of 40k at 1850 points around 5.


Would like to try out my list for the upcoming Annihilation Tournament. For funsies we could play using the full rules pf the tournament as well.


Any takers?

I'm in. I would like to play with the tournament rules too just to see how it works. I should be there by 5.
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Guest Mr. Bigglesworth

We could always try a three way game after the first one too. Whatever works when we get there.

What time were you guys showing. I plan to make a stop first want to know how long I have at that establishment?

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Hello! I am new to warhammer and am hoping someone would be down to play Fantasy on Tuesday?

Hi there. Welcome to Ordo. Glad to have a new person on the boards. Tuesday night gaming has a predominance of 40k gamers and there is currently a Blood Bowl League going on. If you're looking for a Fantasy game, or need someone to show you the ropes for Fantasy, check out WOW on Sundays. That is when a majority of our WHFB people play. Look for game night posts for Sunday and introduce yourself to them.

Again, welcome.

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