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Italian help!

Lord Hanaur

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So I realized after a couple of games (how dumb am I?) that my Bersagliari forces lack the necessary 47/32 guns and Heavy machine guns for one of its units.  I just played without them and the EasyArmy allowed me to build an army like that so I didnt even detect that something was wrong.  Hehehe.  I think it was an army that was built for the AFRIKA book and not the NORTH AFRIKA book or something.


So I don't know if anyone would care if I use the old book, but they might.  So I am wondering if I might borrow this gun from someone. at Enfilade.


My other plan would be to create a base and then when I lose one, just replace it.  


I did go to the store and get two of them but that's all they had and they don't make the orders AS often.  I also did get lucky and they had Mod 37's in the fucilieri Machine gun unit.  So i am set there.  I just may or may not be able to locate this one piece in time...

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I needed three to finish this unit.  If I need to paint them, then i only need one since i bought two already.  And in any event, I might just take you up on buying them but I will definitely have to see how finances are looking after having to purchase this other stuff for the tournament.  I'm interested though.

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