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Potential Deadzone Game Night League


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So, had a ton of fun with Steel Angel and Mr Bigglesworth last night at WOW. Played a 3 player, 150 point Deadzone game (I played 150 Plague and they shared 150 Enforcers). Super close game at the end (13 to 14 when I won). 


Aaaanyways. We were thinking about doing a bi-weekly league night at WOW. So this would be a good place for discussion on that front.

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I have heard a lot of good things about this game and would at the very least like to check it out. Not 100% sure I want to jump into another wargame though. Right now would be good time to do something like this since there is no 40k league going on, only Blood Bowl.

Well, the good part is that you can come watch the game and you could probably get a strike team together out of 40k models:

- Space Marines / SOB as Enforcers

- Guard/Necromunda/etc as Rebels

- Orks as Marauders

- Eldar as Asterians

etc, so on.

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It certainly does look like a great skirmish game:)


Ive got a lot of stuff going with Bolt Action,40k And Kings of War,then likely WFB 9th but I don't have a skirmish game as yet so I may just have to get a copy of the rules and check into it more.

I highly recommend it. If you need to borrow minis, someone can probably hook you up.


I forget if the rules are available free and digital though. Let me check.

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Guest Mr. Bigglesworth

Games are quick once you have 2 or three under the belt, max time would likely be an hour. As for borrowing we all have a lot. Budget wise $50 gets you deep into game as mantic has some of the best prices.


Proxy is super easy and totally on as tlos exists but the density of the train balances any size discrepancy.

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Just ordered a new starter for 70.00 w/free shipping,thats a good deal right?



Not sure if ill be able to get in on your first league with the Annihilationing and OFCC coming up but ill certainly be checking it out and choosing a faction to start with:)

I think so. You get a good batch of terrain, forces, rules and all that for a good price.


Even if you don't get in on the league, you can certainly play a game to get a feel for the game. :)

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So here's what I'm thinking:

- 3 Month League - Bi-weekly Games

- Missions by card with standard second chance pull, if necessary

- 140 point strike forces with standard campaign progression

- Should we have central storage for upgrades/strike teams to prevent shenanigans?

- Ability to take the Nexus Psi 'Ambush' mission once per league for each player. This can be sprung on your opponent day of game

- Strike Teams are chosen after missions are pulled/announced

- Overall league standing based on W/L

- I'm thinking we can do 'pairings' based off of W/L, but that's negotiable

- Bonus points for painting and league battle reports

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