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Warp charges and Tigarius.


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This may have been answered before and I have missed it but, when rolling for Tiggies warp charges to manifest a power does he just reroll the ones that did not go off? Thanks.

Re-roll entire test.

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There's no FAQ because his ability is pretty clear.


"Reroll failed psychic tests" means that if you fail to harness enough warp charge, you can reroll the dice used for the test. As a test only succeeds or fails when considering all its dice (not just a subset of them), you must reroll all of those dice used.


Some other psykers have abilities that allow them to reroll specific dice as part of a psychic test- for example, the Eldar Runes of the Farseer, which allow you to reroll any number of dice or the CSM Legacy of Ruin that allows you to reroll a number of dice equal to the vehicle's HP. However, these abilities refer to reroll dice, not reroll tests, which is the difference.


It's the same situation as if you had an ability allowing you to reroll a Leadership test; you have to reroll all of the dice you used, not just the ones you don't like. If you roll a 2 and a 6 and fail, you can't choose to just reroll the 6 and hope to pass because that's not what rerolling the failed test means.

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