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Faction Post- Who is you?


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Getting a temp on who plays what in what region. Not for any particular reason besides curiosity, and getting to know the local metas-


Who is your daddy, and what does he- I mean...

What are your factions, and who are your masters?


I will give you an example:


I'm Rudy, I play in Portland, I have lots of masters because Malifaux is my only Minis game, and I had "ooh shiny" syndrome bad. That being said:



I own all the masters but Lucius, but I mostly like Hoffman, McMourning, and McCabe. I enjoy Lady J as well, but it's more corner case for me- If it's all death I may go for her. Dita and Sonnia just don't sing when I play them.



Much like guild, I own everyone but Marcus (I've proxied Ironsides... can't wait for that box!). My tops are Colette, Ironsides, and Kaeris, with Raspy and/or Mei coming out some times for a curve ball. 



My first (of many) Dabble Faction. I started with Tara and McMourning- mostly because I was playing McMourning in guild, so I already had the nurses and McMourning painted. So I picked up some random stuff (Necropunks, Flesh Constructs, Dogs, etc) to run him in Ressurs. I think the first time was so I could play him in a doubles tourney with my friend who's a Seamus player. Then a friend was selling a Kirai lot for a rediculous price... So I picked up a full set of that too. I don't play them often, but enjoy it when I do. I also have molly, though I'm missing most of the models for her Horror list... Harder sell. Why play spirit Molly when I could just as easily play Kirai?



My first faction in 1.5- I loved the Vikis- and I grabbed the VonSchill box to add him and the librarians to the cause. They transitioned into 2.5 without a lot of their important models (until wave 2) so I sort of stopped playing them- it didn't help that every meta I was in between then and now had a dedicated outcast player who loved Viks. So I still play them sometimes. Tara, if I play her, usually gets played here as well.



This is a faction I have an interesting history with. I bought Lilith because I loved the alt sculpt, and I loved the look of the new Nephilim- So I started out as just a nephilim player. Then when the Viks plastics came out, I traded my metals to a friend for a Collodi crew he wasn't playing any more, and bought the Plastics. Collodi quickly became a favorite. Again, I don't play the Neverfilth often, but I have a good time when I do.



My dabbliest of factions. I only have Ophelia. And I love her. The games have been so frenetic and fun that I'm quickly falling for the gremlin mystique. I'm looking at Brewmaster when he comes out- I've played a proxy game with him and it was a lot of fun- sort of blue deck if that makes sense. And Som'er Teeth is also looking might appealing, but not from the Summon-Machine standpoint. He looks like a lot of fun in the Midfield bully, big man with a shotgun kind of standpoint.


10 thunders

I don't really have 10 thunders masters, besides owning them. I have Mei Feng and McCabe, but I don't ever run them in T.T. I don't have many (any?) of the Thunders models to make it any different. The only benefit would be getting to play Mei or Lucas and have the variety of that. This may change after I pick up Brewie.



I'm maining Arcanist and Guild, and dabble in basically everything else.

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Hi Im Jay.  :laugh:


In the previous edition I played all the guild. Then I sold them Kyle. Now I have re-bought Perdita, Sonnia, and Lady Justice. I just finished McCabe and plan on trying him out soon.


I also have the Vics but I am kinda burned out on playing them as I played them exclusively for the first year of second ed.


I am also collecting Ten Thunders and Arcanists but I get play so little these days that it will be awhile before they see the tabletop.

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