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Excited For OFCC

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Even in the face of some of the bad feeling going on in the fantasy community, the disagreements about end times, the fear and axiety about 9th edition, and some general grumpiness, I am still super excited for the OFCC.  Every year, regardless of any squalor, I always have a good time.  5 good games, drinks, and hanging out with all ya'lls is a good time. 


I hope you are all looking forward to it too.

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im looking forward to smashing people with my comp 20 dwarfs. muwahahaha.  cant wait to test this list(its pretty silly) against your ofcc list!  ofcc is a blast.  hopefully my dwarfs dominate once against against lower comp'd armies :P

there better be good beer or ill just drink from my keg in the parking lot.  jk, id never do that....... :)



had a little too much coffee this morning

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