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Making dark angels a bit more upbeat...?


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Thinking a brighter shade green armor, but open to suggestions. I like the fluff and general colors, but I want to make the color scheme a bit more cheery - just a bit. Suggestions?

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Well, they're not really Dark Angels anymore then, right?


Maybe go with the Angels of Redemption or Angels of Absolution?

I hear you, it is very much fluffy for them to have a bit of a depressing paint theme.


At present, I'm testing a roughly 50:50 mix of Game Color Dark Green and Model Color Japan Uniform WWII.


Looks nice for the base coat (primed black, base armor coat). I'm think I could do this, then add darker and lighter green in a mix for a leafy type effect. Primarch backstory, has Lion El Jonson in the forests of their homeworld, so making the green into more of a forrest green seems reasonable.


Worst case, I end up with a custom DA successor chapter that is very recognizable as DA.


EDIT: Other bit is that DA, and the imperium of mankind, are my "good guy" army. If they look more downbeat than my Chaos, seems like a bit of conflict. Though the green armor should clash well with my Tzeentch blue and pink.

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Hello there,


I believe that the fluff regarding the forests on Caliban were that they were dark and twisted due to the proximity of the world to Eye of Terror and all the great beasts therein used the foliage as concealment, etc.


Thus, Dark Angel green was representative of their forests.


Stay safe,



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Just a bit more upbeat. Still grim dark future of mankind where there is only war, but DA are even more depressing in appearance. It's as if they were depress prior to the heresy...


Here, I'm looking for something that's like this:


Instead of this:



I think the top one is a bit more upbeat than the bottom one. That's all I'm looking for.

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They actually lightened up after the Heresy. Their original colour scheme was black.

Yeah, that's true.


The "upbeat" one above is from IA: 5. Looks like the DA codex has both a darker green and a much darker green version. Plus the black version and the DW off-white version. Libbies are still blue and techmarines are still red.


So, seems like I've got some options regarding colors. Should I stick to one color for the rank and file DA, or mix them to imply they were painted in different eras?

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Do you prime black? If so, switching to a white primer could solve your problem. Hope that helps!

I do prime black. That suggestion warrants looking into.


Anyway, I'll have the first few models done soon and I'll get pictures up.


Oh, should the DA armor be glossy or flat for the finish?

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I've been playing with zenithal priming and am really happy with the results. Prime black all over, let dry, prime white from a 45 degree angle all around from the top. Best of both worlds. Mostly primed in white so the colors pop but the underside is dark for natural shadows.

Interesting. I will try this. Should have a white spray can lying around somewhere....

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