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OFCC list

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ok so Tyranids in malestrom are just garbage, and like Shea when I play Tyranids my only goal is to kill [big bad swear word].  So here is my revised list for OFCC, what do you guys think of the list's viability and do you think it will be accepted to OFCC team event.  More troops?  More surviveability? more tank hunting?


Tau detachment:



    Buffmander with the broadside unit


    3 stealth suits 1 w fusion blaster

    1 riptide to blow shiz up

    3 crisis with 2 TL plasma rifles each


    10 fire warriors in devilfish

    10 fire warriors in devilfish

fast attack:

    2x5 pathfinders


    1 sky ray

    3 broadsides with TL heavy rail rifles and 6x missile drones


aegis D line



Tyranid detachment:



    2 x flyrant with TL devourers and egrubs(the haywire thing)


    2 x spore cluster

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I think its cool. I agree with Dunky Poo that the model count is pretty low which could be hard. However I can't talk as I am in the same boat....but I don't live in a glass house, so I'll get my stone throwing arm warmed-up. You have a really good chance of getting tabled. Just pray you don't go against Tau or Eldar. Good luck with the fluff. You better damn believe I am going to ask you why they nids and the fish are together.


P.s. - they are called Electroshock Grubs.

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