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Silkscreen experience?

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Hey - Anyone have any experience and/or equipment for silkscreening? I want to knock together a few prototypes of the game I've been working on to take to the OFCC for playtesting, and think silkscreening would be the way to go to knock some stuff out quickly. I reckon I'll go to Iron St. Printng if need be, but thought I'd check here.


Barring that, if anyone has reccomendations other than Iron St (the only printers in town I know of), I'd be open to hearing them!


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I'm looking to silkscreen some images onto some 1.5" by 1.5" by 1/8" wood tiles. Single color (black). I reckon the tiles could be pushed flush and silkscreened en masse. Ideally, I'd also want to silkscreen onto some 1" rounds, but those might be hard to rank up. Already looking into alternatives if that's not feasible. I don't have the graphics files worked out yet, but could do so in a week once I knew the parameters.


If it sounds like something you're interested in, let me know no we can talk specifics! I'm happy to pay, or to exchange services in kind (my skillset falling primarily in the terrain-making and resin-casting area. Resin terrain would be a big yes, resin bases would be a yes, reproducing existing miniatures would be a no).

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