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Jeez, I'm out of it for a little while, everyone gets delusions of grandeur!

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Greetings, Ordites and Ordettes, it's once again Time for my bi-decade update.


From the wilds of Northern California to Sin City, big changes have happened in the past year. I moved from Mendocino County, California to Las Vegas, Nevada. Now that my closest game ISN'T an hour or more away, I've started delving back into 40K, making my presence known at my two local spots, and getting the barest of low-downs. Apparently, while I was in my self-imposed exile, GW went and released another new version. (7? SEVEN?! How could they? Oh, right. Money.) At least my hardback Dark Angels codex is still legal, apparently. I'm busy burning through this fancy new rulebook, I'm currently up to page 48. At this rate I might get to the USRs by the time OFCC rolls around. I hope to make it, but as I am currently unemployed, we'll just have to see. I'm hoping to get my first game of 7th in on this coming monday, that gives me just under a week to get a basic idea of the rules.


Other than that, I'm just spending time painting the aforementioned Dork Angels, I've almost finished up the Devastator squad that didn't make it for 2013 (don't judge me, leave that for The Emporer.) I hope to see you all in July.

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There are 2 stores that are closer to me than my old one.  Power 9 Games is about ten miles away, but it is straight out one of the minor thoroughfares from me. Avatar Comics and Games is closer, and right down the street from my gym. Power 9 has a larger place to play, it's literally a warehouse. Avatar is a smaller comic shop, but seems to have better selection. Power 9 has actual 40K nights (Mondays), whereas the owner of Avatar said that all his customers went to Power 9 when it opened, so he doesn't have regular 40K nights. There is supposed to be a 40K Facebook group down here, but when I search for it, it doesn't come up in my results.

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