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"If you are using the battle-forged method, you will instead need to organise the Imperial Knight models in your collection into Detachments such as the Household Detachment and the Oathsworn Detachment shown here.  This is a fun process in its own right.


Note that you can also include any of the Formations present in this section as a part of a Battle-forged army."


Can I take a Household Detachment (3-5 Knights) that consists of the Exalted Court(5 Knights)?

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I can't claim to have experience against knights (I rarely get out to play outside of a pretty small group), but on the perception front I feel qualified to speak my opinion on facing multiples of the

Eisenhorn certainly did...   "Cherubael." "Yessss." "Kill it."


Posted Images

You have Pilot upgrades that determine what roll you fulfill within the Standard Force Org.  



25 (0-1) +1 ws/bs

50 (0-1) +1 ws/bs/++, reroll warlord trait



+25 +1 Reserve Rolls if this model is on table; Knights within 6" have Overwatch and Interceptor, Hellfire Templates do d6 wounds

+35 (0-1) Choose a Target, if you kill target, +d3 vic points; May make one final attack against target if target inflicts catastrophic damage against this knight

Free blades Varies



+0 Obj Sec

-35 Obj Sec, -1 Ws/BS and INV Save



+0 Front Armor -1, Scout, Hit and Run, Snap shots only at targets >24"

+25 Must Reroll Failed Charges/Advances; If It can charge a MC/GC/SuHvy/Walker, it must.




+25 Tank Hunter; If model doesn't move, gains Skyfire

+35 +1 Damage Table vs Buildings; May Reroll Stomps, 5++ vs Grenades/Melta Bombs, No Sweeping Adv

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The only Wargear options are upgraded sights that let you reroll 1s on Vehicle and Destroyer table at targets you hit with a ranged attack within 12".  Poisoned rounds for the Heavy Stubbers.  An alternate battle cannon for the Paladin.  Otherwise, everything that is available to us is available to them, from what I can tell.

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Yes, some of the formations cover aspects of the pilot skills, or combine them, but you can't make a reasonable sized list using the formations.  It feels as though GW is pushing the game towards 3k-4k points.  This, while they work on scaling FB down to smaller skirmishes.  What's your game, GW?!

Been trying to figure it out too. Sometimes, seems like they are pushing towards less models, while other times seems like a push towards higher points.

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I think it's more of pushing for more value ($) per points.


I agree, the cost per point has gone up since I first started with the hobby.  My thought on the increase in game values starts sounding Tin Hit.  GW supports the Beer and Pretzel scene, not the Tourny scene, currently.  The Formation system (Apoc 3.5?) is lending itself more and more towards 2500+ as opposed to 1500-2000 points.  A 5 game, 3k point tourny doesn't sound like a manageable Saturday, to me.  How many people were not buying the Superheavies as they weren't allowed them without Escalation being accepted?  This is where 3 Formations/Detachments makes sense at 1850, if most formations are 500+ points.  

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All I can say is I disliked Imperil Knights in normal games of 40K before, and now I thoroughly dislike them.


It's unfortunate.  I am dreading what the new Tau Codex might do with Riptides.  Please God don't make them Gargantuans nor frikkin Super Heavy Walkers.  I'll just cry if they do.

You may wanna rethink your challenge of how we roll... Cuz well I like to roll imperial knights :) and I'm part of the team. Just a friendly fyi based on your above comment

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Haven't seen the lists for that team yet... Multiple knights?

We are in the process of submission And yes I submitted multiple knights in a baronial detachment. Tossed in some Grey knights as the dreamforge models look so pretty together! If it matters I'm only gonna use divination powers no Telepathy, those are for the weak!


Below is the picture, ended up swapping five termies for some interceptors but the big boys are all there...



Weapons are a bit different too. Warden, crusader, and gallant the models I'm using have quick change arms.

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Worse they can say is no... I've found that one people are playing them enough they are really fun. Course I'm not using them to plug a gap in an existing army I'm using them as the primary detachment. Front and center. The baronial doesn't actually help all that much. Same issues of flanking and 90 degree to the front guns make it rough for me late game.


If you stay in front of them it hurts but the second you split my focus it all falls down.

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