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Blood Angels: Which Chapter?

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So I am starting to finish up my planned projects for both my Space Marines, and my Imperial Knights. Which means I am going to need a new project lined up. Right now I am really eye balling Blood Angels. However, I am unsure which chapter I should build and paint. Although I have narrowed it down to three choices:


Blood Angels: I have never done a founding chapter before, and I love the look of the models. The bright red is something that really pops on the table, and I love the lore presented for them.


Flesh Tearers: I have really enjoyed the Andy Smilie fiction that has been published for them. I kind of like the idea of making an anti-hero chapter. I'm not too crazy about the darker red, but on the other hand it is super easy to pull off. And I think it would look good when they are all together on the table top. 


Custom Chapter: I had a ton of fun making my own custom chapter for my Vanilla Space Marines. And it would stand to reason I would enjoy doing the same for the Blood Angels. But I don't really have a neat lore idea, but I do have some fun hobby ideas for the force. I would most likely use quite a few Dark Angels models in the force in order to make a more robey, crusadey, looking chapter. 


What do you guys think?

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No. I just enjoy the challenge of a good scheme. Look for the Novamarines. I painted those. And the studio lead painted an Angels Sanguine army too.




I actually did a small group of Novamarine terminators. The scheme is one of my favorites, and I love their lore. However, I could never got the lines straight when I was doing the tac squads and they came out looking like poop. :(


On the plus side, it did give me cause to make my own custom chapter and I have loved working on them. 

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Say what you want, but I did pretty well in Warmachine tournaments taking sub-optimal lists, and models the internets had declared horribad. Did I win all the time? Nope. But one can never expect to win every single game. But I had fun every single game. Which is what I was going for. The W was just the frosting. 


Since coming over to 40K I have had a great time playing the armies I thought looked neat. And sure, sometimes I lost pretty hard. But I just tried using what I had in a different way, and I had a better run the second time. 


But that's me. Your mileage may vary. :biggrin:

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Guest Mr. Bigglesworth

War machine is a bit more balanced. Not to say I don't want to agree with you, but, just looking at rules. I can read my list and my opponents list and their are times where the victor is clear as day. Now factor in their generalship and random factors like maelstrom card draws and dice and a win against certain lists are strictly luck or [big bad swear word]ty generals.


For example space marine gladius formation with pods and razors versus grey knight paladin list. Paladins would lose every time.


It's cool it's how the game is, don't hide from it, embrace it. I still enjoy I just tend to tailor what I play with and against.


Blood Angels is a crap dex, sad to say. But doesn't mean you can't get wins with them, just don't expect to win, even a semi competitive tournament unless all the players signing up are coming with crap lists or crap generals.

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