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Misc 40K and other stuff


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Hey Ordo!!

Here's some more stuff I need to clear off. It's all been stored in a smoke free home. I can meet anywhere in the greater Portland area!!

Also check out my (PRICE REDUCED!!) WM Convergence thread here on Ordo!


Also looking for trades for :
Star Wars LCG : anything except the core and the hoth cycle.
Netrunner LCG : Anything from the San-San cycle

Thanks for looking!!


Box of WH Fantasy Terrain Bits - at least one "house" in there. Lots of extra house stiff (walls, Chimney etc)  $30


Box of 40K Necron bits -  some metal upgrade (destroyer?), lots of the green glow rods still on sprue, lots of bits from some of the newer kits. $30


WH Fantasy Mighty Empires - OOP!  Loose, book included, 52 tiles (All some degree of paint but are painted tabletop standard), 98 flags, 12 castle, 12 city, 12 mine, 1 wizard's tower, 1 keep, 1 mountain/mine.  $50

WH 40K box of bases (round) - Loads of 50mm, loads of flight bases with a bunch of pegs, 27 regiment bases (perfect for Guard or Ork!)  $20

WH Fantasy base trays -
A)  Built to various sizes, painted red

      x2 10x6 small base, x2 7x6 small base, x2 5x5 small base, x1 3x10 medium base, x1 2x6 medium base.

B)   Built to various sizes, bare grey

      x4 4x10 small base one open side, x1 2.5x7.5 medium base (cavalry?), x1 2.5x7 small base

C)   Pre-formed green plastic base trays

       x3 5x4 medium base (might fit any base), one side open, x4 2x5 medium base (might fit any base) one open side
D) Various WH Fantasy bases

Take A-D above for $35

WH Fantasy OOP Zachariah on Abyssal Terror (Zombie Dragon? built, primered black  $20


Gift-sized bag of loose Yugi-oh cards (approx. 1700-1800 cards!), includes the Elemental Hero Bladedge structure deck NIB, and the infamous Japanese zombie structure deck NIB,  Lots of rare, ultra rares, LEs, foils

40K cases -

Small black no foam $20

Large Black no foam $40

Small silver anniversary $25

40K mini rulebook current edition $20

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