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Strip da dip?


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So I know there has been a few posts about stripping miniatures and I've always had success with the normal methods, mineral spirits, castrol super clean, brake fluid for tough jobs, etc.


Anyway I just picked up some wraiths for a great deal but they've been dipped in what I believe is Minwax. 


Anyone have suggestions for getting this off?

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Fortunately they are the new plastics that I got a good deal on.


Unfortunately they are plastic as we all know.


I've heard some rumors that non acetone (ethyl acetate) polish removers will get the job done as long as not left in for more than 20 minutes at a time as eventually they will eat the plastic like their acetone counterparts. 

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Test it first, but I've been having good luck with the "easy off oven cleaner" for both plastics and metal models. It doesn't soak like simple green does, but I bet you could take the minwax coat off without damaging the plastic.


You do still have to toothbrush the paint/minwax off via the oven cleaner route.


Like $4 per can.

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Well did a test on a warrior and it is seeming to work. 


I did my first wraith in it and no damage to the model but this stuff is just a pain to clean up. 


Soak for 5minutes scrub and pick at it rinse repeat. Each model is going to take a substantial amount of time due to all the crevaces etc.

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