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Enough about Signar! Are you ready for OFCC madness?

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Rather then obsessing about GW's lack of communication, I'm spending my efforts on the tangible.

I've nearly finished the last model I need for OFCC, and all I have left is One movement tray, and to finish my half complete display board.


I'm genuinely looking forward to a weekend of gaming, drinking, and glory (or making a fool of myself depending on how the drinking goes)


I think the ask a ninja guy said it best when he said

"I look forward to killing you soon!"

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silly elves. im disappointed i havent seen a comical wood elf theme... i pondered doing one for a while. my #1 i wish id see: trees rolling up hippies and smoking them. charlie the unicorn missing a few organs. skater bros as wild riders. little crying girls on carousel as sisters. seems pretty legit, amirite? :wink:

Sinewgrab has a pigmy wood elf army actually gorillas for tree kin.
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