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Size of washers under 40k bases


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Hello there,


Agree with pretre's comments above.


However, another option you might want to look into:  fishing weights.


Some of my tyranid models, especially hormagaunts, have their basing problems easily solved by gluing fishing weights under the specific part of the base that needs it.  Plus, since fishing weights are pliable they're easy to make fit and can be focused in their efforts.


Stay safe,



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I've had really good luck with 1" washers for the regular round 25mm bases. If there's a difference, it's usually so small that it's barely noticeable. I just paint the edge of the washer the same color as the base and POOF, all done.


I've got a mix of washers though, because like pretre says, there can be some variance. My Autarch is one a slightly bigger base, so a 1.25" washer fit his base perfectly, and so on. If you get the washers at a real hardware store, usually they are so cheap you can splurge on some different sized ones and go from there.


Dalmer also mentions another option - fishing weights. I -think- those are still made with almost 100% lead, though, so just be careful with them. :) But those and a pair of pliers and usually you can shape tiny bits of it (and it's heavy, too) to the undersides of bases wherever you want them, so that's an option as well, requiring just a little more effort.



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