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Cheap Drop Pod

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Hello drop Pod people


I recently decided that my Skitarii need drop pods and to the end I have looked for alternate models to go with the army.  Only finding one I liked put getting them to Ireland proved insurmountable




So I endeavored to make my own cheap drop pods...that while may not look as cool as the ones above...are cheap and easily replaceable.


I found a few articles to help me on my way 


one was super cool looking, but not simple



the other was an oldie but goodie, however this one may be too simple for my taste




I this settle on the PVC pipes as a good base to start with...so off to the hardware SHOPPE(I am in europe so you gotta write it that way) :)


And I found the following pvc pipe fittings for less then 6 euro (cheap for this island)




then i went at it with some plasticard and i little drill bit and made this



and the neat thing with this is that the bottom unscrews and I can add some foam and have actual model transporters :)




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