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Runepriest Wysiwyg for OFCC?


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One of the things I actually like about this game is the WYSIWYG rules give me an excuse to model.  I was checking my list for OFCC and noticed that a Storm Bolter is NOT included for a SW Rune Priest in Terminator armor.  It's actually a +5 upgrade, and I don't have those points to spare.  He does get the Bolt Pistol for free, as part of his original kit, though. 


So I set about searching through my bits box and found an arm and a funky looking Bolter-ish thing with a folding stock.  I decided that is a pretty neat looking.  It's probably from Necromunda bits I got from Gareth a while back.


Anyhow here is the result.  I think it looks really cool.  It's definitely not a typical Bolter, and it's far slimmer and different than a StormBolter, so I'll call it a special issue Rune Priest Terminator Bolt Pistol:unsure::biggrin::rolleyes:

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Guest Mr. Bigglesworth

As an aside:


Rune Priests start with Power Armour, BP, Runic Axe, Frag and Krak.


RP can trade his PA, BP, Frag and Krak for Terminator armor.


There's no ability to get a Bolt Pistol after that, in fact he has no ranged weapons in Terminator armor, but can buy a Storm Bolter for 5 pts.

:( it came out so nice, say it isn't so.
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So wait, does replacing "power armour, bolt pistol, and frag and krak grenades with Terminator armour" as the Codex says mean he doesn't get grenades either?  If not, where does it say that Terminator armor includes grenades?

Terminator armor does not include grenades traditionally.

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It's badly overpriced (because you first have to buy a Storm Bolter to swap for it), but you could just use the Bolter on the top one as The Bite of Fenris.

There is a Champions of Fenris relic bolter too, I think.


EDIT: Nah, the Champions of Fenris have a relic stormbolter, not a bolter.

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