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Plasma Obliterator Aquilla?


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425 Points for a Plasma Oblit on top of an Aquila.

That sounds so much more reasonable. I love the aquilla, but the D weapons are questionable and the cost in points is crippling. 425pts is much closer to reasonable (for non-apocalypse play), though still expensive.

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Man, I thought the 230 was  too expensive for the normal variant.

It's an AV15, 5 hp immobile vehicle with 20 model transport capacity (each) and the Mighty Bulwark rule. And then a second building AV15, 4 hp, 10 model capacity and also, the mighty bulwark rule. Both effectively have the assault vehicle rule. Oh, and as buildings, they are immune to grav weapons. That Medium building also has enough space on their battlements for an oval base (dreadknight size).


The weapons themselves are too easy to disable, as none can snap and forcing a building to snap is easy. On the other hand, it's the sort of weapon that forces the opponent to dedicate a unit to disable. I'd place the building at 200pts for the large, 100pts for medium, and 125pts for that plas oblit. Most opponents will be forced to dedicate 300-ish points to disable it turn 1, cheaper if less reliable options are used.


The vortex or macro aquilla is 235pts for the gun alone, which is the main reason it just doesn't work well in non-apocalypse.


I still wish all versions of buildings could be purchased without the weapons. Partially for decreased cost and partially for the increased battlement space.

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