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Dedicated Transport question


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Hello all you brainy folks! A quick and easy question for you!


So I have a unit that starts with 5 models minumum. I can purchase up to 7 more, for a total of 12 models. Yay!


The unit can purchase a dedicated transport. This transport can carry 6 models.



Ok... so, if I expand the unit to more than 6 models... can only some of them ride in the transport, while the rest slog it out on foot?


Can I purchase 2 dedicated transports for the unit? 2 would have a carrying capacity of 12 - which is how large the unit -could- be.


If the unit can only have one dedicated transport, is there any reason to take the unit above 6 models, since no more than that can fit on or in the transport?





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Dedicated transports don't give any special permissions; if your squad is too big to fit into its transport, they're SOL until enough of them die.


You can only ever have one dedicated transport. In theory it could be possible for a unit to be allowed to buy more than one, but none of the current books allow it.


As for why you would do it... well, that depends a lot on the unit and the transport. I assume you're talking about Razorbacks, since they're the only capacity six dedicated transport that springs to mind, but there's a wide variety of reasons to buy a transport (whether or not you can fit into it.) For example, transports can be useful as cheap scoring units, as mobile "terrain" pieces to shield units, as strong units all on their own that happen to be associated with another entry in the codex, etc, etc.

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Awesome AP, thanks. :)


I was looking at the Starweaver for my Harlequins. The troupe starts with 5 models, and can go up to 12. Starweavers can carry 6 models. It just seemed 'fishy' that I can expand the Harlequin squad to exactly 2x the capacity of a Starweaver, so I figured it couldn't hurt to ask, because I knew one of the experts would know.


And I was right! :)



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