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Ravenwing Strike Force

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So I am piecing together an Army from my collection and I need to put together my Ravenwing Strike Force. Now I am not sure if I should go with two RW units 6 strong or 4 units 3 strong. For hit and run units would it be better to run them in smaller units or bigger units?


Still need to figure out who my HQ is going to be too.

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The only legal HQ for a Ravenwing force is still Sammael, unfortunately.


Generally speaking, multiple small units are better than fewer large units, especially in an army like RW that relies on mobility and flexibility to do its work.

Yeah I know the Sammael thing and I am hoping they FAQ that soon. As for the advise I appreciate it. Now let's hope GW doesn't drag their knuckles forever like some other FAQ's.
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Hello there,


I think knowing what your other pieces for your Ravenwing force would help a lot, since Ravenwing are a pretty synergistic group.


For example, having support from a Darkshroud would help one big unit of bikers.  Or smaller biker forces if you put them in a formation with land speeders, etc.


Stay safe,



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