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Game Night! Sunday. Don't Miss Out!


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hurray!  so next sunday will be my last one cause im going back to iowa(first time since moved here) to visit family/weddings for a week.  im actually not going to bring my ofcc list and bring a 2500 tough dwarf list since it might be the last time i play with it in 8th.  if anyone is game to face me, ill be bringing that.  yes, its pretty much the list you saw at rcw....


enjoy your vacation RD!

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Hey Nate, can I get a battle in against your little fat fellas?

As a long time Ogre Kingdoms player I object to your reference to Dwarves as fat. They are certainly stout, but they just lack the skills needed to be fat. It's not their fault, and I'm sure some of them are probobly decent folks, but it's just the way it is.
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That was a blast.  Cold one chariot chasing down a unit, failing dangerous terrain, and then dying FTW!


However, best play of the game goes to your level 4 wizard getting IF with a two-dice flock of doom.  Rolling a three for miscast result, getting sucked in the void, causing 11 wounds on the unit, and then the unit proceeds to run off the table.  All of this on the bottom of turn 1.  That was just epicly epic!

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I can beat that Art.


First turn: cast Plague on Sabertusk (I wanted to jump to the Ironguts, etc. Wasn't expecting much). Rolled a 1 to spread. Hit my Stormvermin unit.

Rolled a 1 to spread. Hit my Clanrat unit. Rolled a 1 to spread. Hit my Slave unit. Rolled a 6 to spread. Killed an Irongut. Rolled a 1 to spread. Hit my other Slave block. Rolled a 4 to spread.


I have never had such a long streak of spreading, for good or for bad.

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