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Hello there,


The "battle-forged" thing still kind of confuses me, so please let me know if I have this correct.


When making a battle-forged army list, there are basically four choices:


*  Combined-Arms Detachment, which as I read it is like the old school "must take 1 HQ, 2 Troops and then fill in the blocks how you wish..."


*  Allied Detachment.  Can't be the same faction as your Warlord, must have 1 HQ and 1 Troop at least, then fill in the blocks...


*  Faction-Specific Detachment.


*  Formation


So if you have the points to do it, you could pick however many of these combinations as you want, right?  For example, (3) Faction-Specific Detachments and a Formation, as long as the requisite choices listed in the Faction-Specific Detachment are filled.


Just wanting to clarify this because if that's the case, Space Marines and my beloved Dark Angels have taken a major step forward in tabletop power presence.


Stay safe,



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That is correct.


Also the only benefit to being battleforged is the command benefits listed for a detachment. Example the allied detachment obsec for troops is listed as a command benefit.


Formation rules apply to models in the formation regardless of how the rest of the list is constructed.


Battleforged is the term for an army where all selected models belong to a formation or detachment.


Some people will say battleforged with two or three sources. This would be short hand for a list containing a combination of two or three detachments/formations. It is intended to curb some abuses.


Imperial armies have access to some very small/cheap battle brother detachment/formation. Example a single imperial knight, assassin, or inquisitor.

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As is mentioned above, usually lists are confined to 2-3 sources. 3 being the most widely used now since that is the ITC format. Allowing more basically makes things unbound and a bit over the top.


It's just another list construction thing now. Your opponent may want to play a 1500 pt game with 2 sources or a 2000pt game with 3 sources, etc.

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Copy that, thanks for the replies.


Battle demi-company = 1 choice.


Selecting (2) battle demi-companies in order to gain the Battle Company detachment special = 2 choices?  Or does it become 1 choice due to the redesignation?


Stay safe,



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