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WYSIWYG question


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Okay, so I've got several OOP metal marines with Shruiken Catapults. The plan is/was to field them as grav weapons, since there is no current rules for the weapon and they are distinct enough to not cause confusion. I think they look cool too.


I don't think this one conflicts with WYSIWYG enough for any to complain. If anything, they smile because I'm bringing OOP marines.


That said, I'm now wanting to add a grav pistol to a character. So, do I stick to theme and add a plastic Shruiken pistol, or to I get an actual grav pistol for my marine character to mix with my shruiken weapons on other models?


On the one hand, I like the idea of sticking to the Shruiken weapons in place of grav weapons. It's an easy conversion and the bits are easier to acquire. On the other hand, if I'm using plastic bits to represent a model that has a current plastic version, I see a conflict from a WYSIWYG standpoint.


Looking for a second opinion.


Middle row, far left column.



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I would be pretty fine with it, especially if you were consistent across the army with them. It's a neat piece of 40K history that a lot of folks won't know about, so it makes a good conversation piece as well as a counts-as.



Yeah, DA for me are going to be mostly RT/OOP. Newer metal for my Lion Warriors, and a mix of newer and older for my GK. Some new models where I just can't use/acquire metals for that role.


At some point, I'm intend to purge all my plastics.

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At least none as contentious as AP and I.

Didn't say that. I've just noticed that if we three agree on something, people on this forum tend not to disagree with our conclusion.

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