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An Armada/X-Wing/Imperial Assault Tournament

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PNW Star Wars Miniatures Championships


An Armada/X-Wing/Imperial Assault Tournament


What: A 4-round Star Wars miniature tournament using Armada, X-Wing, and Imperial Assault.


When: August 8th - 12:30 PM


Where: Dice Age Games – Vancouver, WA


How Much: $20


Why: Because it’ll be awesome.


The Plan:


Round 1 – 300 Point Armada

Round 2 – 300 Point Epic Scale X-Wing

Round 3 – 100 Point X-wing

Round 4 – 40 Point Imperial Assault Skirmish


Prizes: The tournament is the weekend after GenCon. Any models being released early at GenCon will be given away as prizes. The number of prizes given away will depend on the number of people in the tournament. There will be an overall grand prize and the remaining prizes will be given away as a raffle. There will be separate raffles for each game system.


What if I don’t have all 3 games? – There will be spare fleets/squads available for each system that you will be able to borrow. You can also sit out rounds for games that you don’t play, but you will only be eligible for the raffles of the games that you do play.

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