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Azrael and super heavy transports....


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Aside from the high tag price on Azrael, he's awesome for super heavy transports.


Embarking on a vehicle gives it a 4++.


Furthermore, attaching him to the embarked unit gives the models in that unit a 4++.


So, when and if the super heavy vehicle explodes and does it's S10 ap2 hit to each passenger, some might survive....


Might have to break out a Storm Lord, or something, just to see if this has any merit. Looks good on paper.

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That is an indeed a working mechanic Pax but keep in mind that in ITC format events, there is only 1 LoW limit unless Imperial Knights I believe.

Good point.


Keep wondering if they'll change this at some point. The 0-1 LoW restriction seems rather silly at this point. Perhaps a limit on GC/SH specifically, but limiting the number of logan/draigo/azrael inclusions in the army seems a bit unnecessary.


I have been debating Azrael in the Achilles LR. 540pts for those without anything else. That's a super heavy that isn't a super heavy.... Very iffy.


Other idea would be a Storm Fang/Raven, which would be neat in that it doesn't jink, but I don't think it would be durable enough even with the 4++.


Looks like its about 900pts so go right ahead man!

It would be a deathstar, which isn't really anything new for 40k. 900pts in one target isn't exactly uncommon these days, especially with the ITC nerf on ranged D.

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Guest Mr. Bigglesworth

It's not a very deathstary as others because it does little to help in a maelstrom mission. Reason most deathstars are effective is because they are durable, mobile and killie. You can't put in a sh in an itc event, 4++ on a vehicle is mediocre. Storm Ravens can't help with maelstrom all that well, and are not super killie.


Yeah a 4++ on a sh is decent, especially when you cross the 8 hp mark. And put a tech marine in that can repair and iron hand for iwnd and that is a beast. Which nonitc allows but nothing cheesy at all. I would gladly face it with a generic tac list. As I could ignore half you points and kill the rest of your army and win by points.


I would not say your idea meets deathstardom

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