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A Salute to My 4th of July Heroes

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With the oppressive deadline of British rule (a ton of GW minis needing painting) a brave band of heroes stepped forwards to do battle this 4th of July with brush and paint.


I salute Chappy, Burk, and Bryan for doing battle with my Eldar models for most the afternoon. 


And a special 21 gun salute to AgentP for hosting, setting up this paint fest, and being by far the best of the bestfriends a person could have.  Not to mention his awesome paint skills as well.


In their battle they were able to conquer the following:


From new model state:

3 Jetbikes

1 Farseer on Jetbike

5 Fire Dragons

5 Rangers

10 Dire Avengers

6 Scorpions


From base colors:

5 Warp Spiders

3 Dark Reapers

6 Swooping Hawks


And only basing and a display board remain for my OFCC army at this point.


Words can't express how thankful I am for doing this for me.

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