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Couple Rules Questions, Bombs and Master Crafted


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So a couple questions...




About bombs and bombing runs. It describes it as a "special kind of attack." Which makes it seem to me that it is not a shooting attack. Does this mean a model that Jinks! the prior turn may still drop a bomb on the ensuing turn despite it being a blast weapon, since for all rules purposes it is not a shooting attack?


Secondly, in the newest space marine codex they have kind of reworded Vulkan's master crafted ability.


"all meltaguns, combi-meltas and multi-meltas fired by models in this detachment have the master-crafted special rule."


Followed by in the main rule book


"a model armed with a combi-weapon can choose to fire either the main boltgun, or the secondary weapon."


Now, I think I fully understand the RAI to be that the melta portion is suppose to be the one getting the mastercrafting, but as RAW it would indicate that any model equipped with a combi weapon would automatically have it mastercrafted even for things such as special ammunition etc.


Would love some weigh in from both sides, ITC rulings etc and 40k BRB 

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Bombs are a type of shooting attack, for most intents and purposes- the BRB be notes that they are instead conducted during the movement phase, but otherwise function like other weapons. (They clearly aren't a close combat attack, of course.) If you Jink on the enemy turn, you will not be able to drop a bomb on your own turn if it has the Blast rule (which essentially all of them do.)


Vulkan's ability does, in fact, Master-Craft Combi-Meltas, allowing you to reroll misses even when using the Boltgun half. It's clearly not what was intended, but that's what the rule says. (Often this is superfluous, as characters in a Sallie detachment can MC one weapon anyways, but for Sternguard and such it's a cute bonus.)


Neither of these are official as per ITC/GW FAQs, but they are pretty simple readings of the rules, so they would need to release some kind of explicit counter-statement to change them.

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Guest Mr. Bigglesworth

Mastercrafted combi helping the bolster makes sense from fluff so that might have been an intended change. Weird that part of a weapon was masterfully crafted ;)

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