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Will you be buying the AoS boxed set?


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  1. 1. Will you be buying the AoS boxed set?

    • Yes!
    • If I get a good deal.
    • No
    • I might buy some models off some one.

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Just wanting to put some numbers  on all the talk of AoS failing. If everyone buys the box, then GW has obviously not failed too badly.


(Also I kinda considered the "Good Deal" more than just a War Store 20% off... )


Personally, I would not mind having the chaos models, but I have tons already and no real use for them, so I am saying "no".

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I'm going for a box from some 20% off place at some point here. And getting a set of the Sigmarites from someone as well. That said, they're all actually going to get used for 40K :P

Now that you mention it, those Sigmarites could be pretty awesome as Nurgle Marines...

With some clever conversions and green stuff work there's a good start to a 40k Chaos force in that box

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I picked up a set of Bloodreavers that I'm going to use for some Blood Bowl conversions, but that's it. For what it's worth, I actually think the SigMarines look damn cool, even if I feel they are out of place in a fantasy setting.

The Sigmarines would look cool as a Forgotten Chapter of Space Marines but not Fantasy models.


But that is what GW wants.

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I can see Chaos Players going for the Models, not my thing but they are good. Otherwise I see No reason.


Also it's a $125 for just the models which I don't see being worth the money because they're snap fits with no room to repose.


They have a display of the new models at the GW store in Eastport PLaza here in Portland. They are not snapfit. They are closer to the new Skitarii models, and that they have a low number of bits per model. 


As for me, I already pre-ordered so I suppose that would put be firmly in the "yes" camp.

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Since I don't/won't play either faction, and there is nothing else in the box of note, I won't be buying the box.


Whereas with previous new starters, I -always- bought one (Even if I didn't play the factions included) so that I could get the 'small rulebook'. I'd then sell the figs off and pretty much break even.


Not this time, though. :(

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So basically a faction that gets all the lovin?


I think that will be true, especially if they 'catch on'.


I can definitely see GW looking at some totally new factions, as well, as well as 'updating' previous factions. But Sigmarites sure do 'feel' like the arrival of the 'Fantasticus Astartes'. :P

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Bought it this morning.  Super happy with it, great purchase.


I know theres strong opinions both ways on this game but from the 5 starter sets ive purchased from GW in recent years,this one is by far the best value.The sculpts are outstanding,the Lord-Celestant alone is a 16 component model that went together superbly and would likely be a 50.00 model on its own.

This box probably contains upwards of 400.00 worth of models if they were purchased all as separate kits/sets.

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