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Guest Mr. Bigglesworth

Apple Pie Uber Alles!


And nuts on icecream? Hell, might as well start tossing it on pizza and PBJ. Ugh!

Peas on ice cream, pizza or in a sandwhich with Jelly is gross. Would you eat chickpea butter with jelly? Gross!


Nuts on the other hand are great, yes even on pizza as cashews make the best fake cheese.


Abj for life!


Nuts on pie are great.

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I refuse to answer the question about pie based on the fact that I can't tell how you are pronouncing it.  When pronounced correctly, it is food of the gods.  When pronounced incorrectly it means that the baker is a wannabe who couldn't make a pecan pie to save his or her life.


And if you try to put your [big bad swear word] nuts in my pistachio ice cream I will be totally offended.

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In case anyone cares:  http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/pecan


All of those are recognized as correct pronunciations. 


While this may be true for the word pecan, it does *not* apply to pecan pie.  There is only one way to pronounce it as there is only one way to *make* it.  And while I agree with Jim in general and the sentiment "what part of pie don't you understand," I also have to point out that Cow Pie is also a pie and, like poorly pronounced pecan pie, is not a pie worth eating.

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Guest Mr. Bigglesworth

Since my parents herald from Wisconsin, I pronounce it PEE-kahn. It's a North-Mid-West regionalism that has stuck with me.

I'm sorry

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