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FS/T: militarum tempestus W: undead mortarchs, nagash

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So I'd like to get all three of the mortarchs for VC. They are just great models. However, that is quite a bit of money. So hopefully can trade or sell my MT stuff and pick a few up.


MT left:


15 scions on sprue

24 pre-kasrkin storm troopers



PM if interested, I'll post more details as I find time to sort through everything.


So expanding my trade list, looking for the following:


Coven Throne



Fell Bats

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So the metal troopers were less than I remembered. I have 18 hotshot lasgun troopers, three flamers, two grenade launchers, and one sgt. So in total 50 infantry models, and three vehicles. I'm open to offers, and again, would trade for undead Mortarch models. I might also be open for other fantasy models (VC, Dwarfs, wood elves, high elves, beastmen, tomb kings, orcs and goblins).

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